Five Types of Foods You Should Definitely Avoid

Foods are essential for living. They are one of the most important things in this world to survive since they give you energy and provide you with other nutrients to keep you healthy. But always remember that not all foods do give you benefits, but instead, will trigger in making you prone to diseases and illness. To give you an idea of what foods to avoid, here are the following:

Fatty Foods
French fries, burgers, pizzas, and nachos may sometimes be a little tempting because they are very delicious, but that can’t change the fact that they are all fatty foods, and they contribute to weight gain and bad cholesterol intake in your body. The more bad cholesterol you consume, the earlier you’ll have hospitalizations and check-ups for their side effects.

Oily Foods
Oily foods are really scrumptious – you can’t deny on that. But the truth is that they give you a lot of health risks. According to the Live Strong website, greasy foods can trigger cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, stroke, or peripheral heart disease and gives you too many calories which leads to obesity, which is the cause of other diseases like diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, and much more.

Pastries, chocolates, instant fruit drinks, and the like are also the type of foods you also might want to avoid. Sweets are the type of foods that have high sugar content, which when overly eaten, may cause you to have diabetes or cancer. Because of its sugar content, your glucose content in your body will increase, and if it reaches its climax, then the consequence will appear.

Some Foods with High Carbohydrates
Though these foods are not bad all the time, but too much of it can lead to serious effects. According to Healthaliciousness website, “excessive consumption of carbohydrates […] can lead to obesity, type II diabetes, and cancer”. That’s why, when you eat, always check the label first and see how many carbohydrates it contains. Or better yet, always limit your food intake.

Grilled Foods
According to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), A large percent of the Americans still don’t know the health risks of grilling foods. We should reiterate that grilled foods cause cancer among people due to carcinogens that are now embedded in the food as you grill it. AICR says that grilling meat can cause cancer to your colon and stomach. AICR also mentioned that it can also cause breast cancer and other cancers.

Always bear in mind that to become healthy, one must start with changing their diet. As such, it’s high time for us to change our eating habit even when we’ve reached old age. It will not only reduce health risks, but it will also prolong your life. At Cedargate Healthcare, because we value our patients’ health, we make sure that we serve healthy and fresh foods that you will love. We’re sure you’ll consider Cedargate Assisted Living Facility in Kannell Blvd., Poplar Buff MO as your favorite home care facility. Call us at 573-785-0188 or visit our website at to know the services we offer.

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