Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s Care at Cedargate Healthcare

old patient and nurse smiling

Cedargate Healthcare has developed a new concept in Alzheimer’s Care. Our new and innovative program is designed exclusively for those in our community suffering from dementia. This program is designed to provide an enhanced life experience beyond traditional Memory Care activities. While traditional Alzheimer’s programming is designed around group participation, this innovative program is designed with each individual resident in mind.

Our programs are designed to relate to each resident. Their life experiences, their personal memories, their personalities: we take all of these into consideration when developing our individualized programming, which will create an eagerness to participate in the neighborhood and interact with other residents and staff.

By customizing activities to individual abilities and interests, we can create a relaxed and stable environment. Modifying individual resident programming is essential. Staff will continuously assess each individual to see the strengths and interests the resident is developing, and then modify their individual program accordingly.

Goals of the Program

  • Keep verbal instructions to a minimum; simple, clear, and pleasant
  • Encourage the residents to do the activity independently, but ready to help when indicated
  • Give constant verbal encouragement with everyone throughout the day
  • Use programs that build and help with retention skills and capabilities
  • Have incorporated elements to increase appetite, decrease mood swings, and encourage independent interactions among residents (as opposed to interactions coordinated by staff)

Schedule a tour of Cedargate Healthcare’s Alzheimer’s Care Program and see how it is improving the quality of life of those who suffer from dementia.