9 Things To Pack When Moving To An Assisted Living Facility

9 Things To Pack When Moving To An Assisted Living Facility

If you are planning to move your elderly parent to an assisted living facility, you should know that he will be using the same things that he had been using in his own home. However, he has limited storage space. Cedargate recommends asking the facility about the things that they provide to ensure that you will not bring the same item.

Here are other items that you should be bringing along with the move:

  1. Bed

    The bed is the most important piece of furniture you should bring. You can either bring his own bed and mattress or rent a hospital bed.

  2. Table and Chairs

    If the facility does not provide tables, make sure that you will bring a nightstand and a small table. It will be best if these tables have drawers and shelves on them. A small dining table will also be good. Do not forget chairs, too.

  3. Mini-Fridge, Microwave, Coffee Maker

    If not present, you can set up a mini-fridge inside his unit where he can store his food items as well as his favorite snacks. You can also make a microwave available so that he can just re-heat the food that he placed inside the fridge. If he loves coffee, you can put a coffee maker.

  4. Dishes, Glasses, Utensils

    Bring only a couple of dishes, glasses, and utensils that your elderly can use on a daily basis. About three to four sets will do. You should also have serving dishes in case he might want to invite other friends living inside the facility to his unit for a get-together.

  5. Cleaning and Laundry Supplies

    You should have cleaning supplies, such as dishwashing liquid soap and dish towel, ready. Laundry supplies, such as laundry baskets and detergents must also be available. This way, the elderly can perform simple cleaning chores in case he wants to.

  6. Television, Laptop, Music System

    Set up appliances, such as a television, that can entertain him inside his room. Make sure that he knows how to operate these appliances, though.

  7. Supplies for Hobby

    If there is a certain hobby he likes to do, make the supplies for his hobby available to him. He can avoid boredom by doing his hobby as long as the supplies are there with him.

  8. Clothes, Shoes

    Do not forget to pack his clothes and shoes. Make sure that he is comfortable with these items.

  9. Toiletries and Medications

    Personal toiletries as well as his medications are also important things that you need to pack.

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