5 Tips For A Better Visit With Your Elderly Loved One At An Assisted Living Facility

5 Tips For A Better Visit With Your Elderly Loved One

Are you getting ready to visit your elderly loved one with us at Cedargate Assisted Living Facility in Kanell Blvd. Poplar Bluff MO? To some, visiting an elderly loved one in these type of facilities can usually feel stressful and even awkward. In fact, there are some who only makes brief visits and there are even some who avoid visiting completely due to the challenges that these visits present.

However, we at Cedargate want to remind you that visiting your aging loved one in our facility can be a great help. Remember, lack of contact with a loved one can lead to loneliness and it can even affect their health – both physically and mentally. This is why, here are some tips from us at Cedargate to make the most of your visits with your aging loved ones.

  1. Check with the staff.

    Are you planning to surprise them with their favorite food? On the other hand, your loved one might have certain dietary restrictions now due to their condition; or the food you bring might be against facility guidelines – so always make sure to check with the staff first.

  2. Time your visit accordingly.

    At Cedargate Assisted Living Facility in Kanell Blvd. Poplar Bluff MO, we want you to get the most time with your loved one. This is why we want you to remember that it would be better if you visited them when they are feeling better, and when their energy and alertness are at high levels. To check beforehand, please don’t hesitate to call us at Cedargate.

  3. Keep things light and positive.

    It can be quite difficult to keep up a cheery attitude when your elderly loved one is being quiet, argumentative, or is in pain. Nevertheless, make sure to keep an upbeat and positive attitude throughout your visit. As much as possible, don’t argue with them and always stay respectful.

  4. Make your visit about them.

    Visiting your elderly loved one at our facility may bring feelings of sadness; however, it is important for you to set your own emotions aside. Focus on them – remember, they might be feeling awkward and sad too. Ask them about positive experiences; how they are doing so far, and etc.

  5. Promise that you will visit again soon.

    Letting them know that you will visit again will surely boost their spirits. It would also keep them from feeling lonely when you have to say goodbye.

At Cedargate Assisted Living Facility in Kanell Blvd. Poplar Bluff MO we understand that you might be leading a busy life with your own responsibilities now too. However, it is a good idea to visit your aging loved one at least once every month. If you have any clarifications about our visiting rules, please don’t hesitate to call us today at 573-785-0188 for more information today!

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